Friday, January 11, 2013

Easy Street Step 8 - Final

Don't forget to go check out the other 209 linky folks at --  There are some WONDEFUL quilts being finished in so many different color ways.  
Laying out Block A

Laying out Block B
Okay, I've been "Bonnie" busy . . . December 30th I took a great class String Fling Pfefferneuse  from Bonnie Hunter at Fabric Fanatics.  Ended the year with her.  Then on January 1st I took her mystery at Fabric Fanatics.  THEN, then, she came over on her day off on the 2nd to visit me and my friend Cindy along with looking at my vintage sewing machine collection and antique quilts.  Homemade lunch, tea and more chit chat!!  We were in quilter's heaven!!  This will go down in the quilting history books as the best way to end a year and begin a year!!  I hope to do it all over again when she comes back and do the same thing.  No pics of either class, forgot in one and second one we hand to  "pinky swear" something.

Hey!!! Is that Mad Marge???  What IS she doing?  Is she inspecting my stitches?  She must need a new eyeglass prescription cuz she kinda close don'tcha think?  No . . . never mind, I can hear her snoring.  She got tired of being on Step 7 of Easy Street.  Go back to the top to see the layouts of block A and block B.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Spool Pin Doilies for Vintage Sewing Machines

I love receiving a good "squishy" in the mail.  Today my spool pin doilies arrived.  They make sewing pretty and "girled up" for my vintage sewing machines.  Terri Sonata at is so sweet to deal with.  She always throws in freebies.  Today's package included a receipe for apple strudel, a pretty bookmark from (cool website too) and a retractable measuring tape I can wear around my neck.

Here are the two machines that received "pretties" today . . .

Model 15 Reproduction treadle with blue spool pin doily

Pfaff 230 in Hollywood cabinet received a white one

Here is the corner of the masterbedroom where the Pfaff 230 resides.  Got the marriage license, wedding picture and love poem hung up at last.  To think, on the 26th of January 2013 we'll have been married 29 years!!  Love that Sweet Man of mine!!

Easy Street Steps 6 and 7 a, b, c

Here is Mad Marge overseeing  progress on December 28, 2012 for Step 6 of Easy Street.  Who is Mad Marge you ask?

Meet Mad Marge . . . she's my task master!!

She showed up again this weekend January 5th - 6th.  Of course, hands on her hips asking what the status of Easy Street was.  Here is my progress on Step 7 a, b, c of Easy Street.

Here are the four "Pieced Triangles #1"

Layout of 12 part C the "Pieced Triangles #2 are at the beginning of the post.

Why all the photos at the top in various sizes?  I keep getting this stupid message "We're sorry, but we are unable to complete your request."   I tried to delete something and in my frustration kept hitting the delete button after highlighting and it keeps popping up as I try to load this picture.  Now they are all at the top and I can't get rid of them.  So, I made the best of it and played with the sizes.  Yes, that's Pepper Cory doing scrap quilting while I was tuned into

Okay, I'm aggrivated and want to get back to sewing . . . . a great stress reliever (UNLIKE the computer!!)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Step 5 Easy Street

Lucia the 1919 Singer 66 Red Eye treadle
Merry Christmas to me!!  What does that mean?  Time to tinker and sew on all my treadles.  You know, spend some quality time together.  Since my family, both immediate and by marriage, are scattered hither and yon we decided to be home for the holidays this year.  We?  Me and my Sweet Man.  So, while he's being entertained by an I Love Lucy marathon, I'm happily tinkering in the next room. 

Lucia was given to me by my husband's co-worker.  It belonged to his grandmother Lucia.  I name the machines after their original owners if known.  Otherwise, they are named by the person I purchased them from.

I can't think of a  better way to accomplish Step 5 of Easy Street than to treadle them!!!  Fabric cut, lines drawn, layered,  now sew!!  

Patricia the 1948 Singer 15-88 treadle
Each machine helped me sew 6 units for a total of 36 of the 64 I needed.  Each machine is so different.  Patricia was my first treadle in 2005.  I found her at the Texas Round-Up in College Station, TX.  I was happily treadling away some four patches for a soldiers quilt and kept asking whose machine this was.  Finally, Patricia, came up behind me and laid her hand on my shoulder and asked "Are you bonding?"  "YES!!" I said excitedly and a deal was struck.  I longarm quilted two queen size quilts for Pat in exchange for her treadle.  I couldn't bring myself to use the treadle at home until the quilts were completed and mailed off.  I'm funny like that, I know, but payment is payment to me.  Once paid, then I can play!!

Mary the 1921 Singer 127 shuttle with Sphynx decals
Mary came to me by way of my sister-in-law, Amy.  Her parents were visiting and bringing the treadle with them to give to me.  How nice!  Now I can say I have a family machine. Mary was Amy's Dad's grandmother so that is how she got her name; the original owner.  Mary treadles beautifully.  So smooth and quiet and she always stops in the up position.  Amazing.

Buck the 1936 Singer 15-88 treadle
Buck came to me after a call from my brother, Billy.  He was at a garage sale and there was an old sewing  machine.  Did I want it for $50.00?  "Well . . .send me a picture please."  He did and when I spied it was a 15-88 AND had a pinking attachment I said yes.  He sweetly stored both, this and Mary's, machine until I picked them up. The name, Buck, is my brother's nickname.  This machine is also very smooth.  The original owner did A LOT lot of sewing.  The front and left side decals are all gone and in places on the front  it is down to bare metal.  They also did a lot of button holes -- several homemade blade heads and a fashioned handle for them along with 23 bobbins were found in the drawers.  I'll share the sweet story of Mittens, the pure white cat, that "helped" me clean the machines and test sew. 

Corrinne the 1924 the Singer 15-89 (can be handcrank or electric) with Tiffany decals
Corrine is on consignment here.  Corrinne (the person) is a friend from a small group.  She downsized to a small apartment and had no room for her 15-89; purchased at an antique mall in McKinney, TX many years ago.  A local shop restored her along with new wiring.  I've popped her into one of my other treadle cabinets and treadled on her too.  

Hettie the 1938 Singer 127 shuttle with "sweetheart" decals
Hettie was acquired after receiving a call from Jeri, a small group member.  I dropped everything as her friend's garage sale had just started.  There it was in the yard, my heart just going pitter, patter, pitter, patter.  I got the WHOLE story on this machine.  Rhonda was the neice and family keeper of all things passed down.  For a mere $100 this beauty came home with me.  She had a motor, but I took it off to get her back to her rightful way of being a treadle in a beautiful 5 drawer straight leg (metal) cabinet.

Yes, I even found a pair of scissors to go by each machine so they will be ready to sew at a moments notice.  No more excuses and NO MORE waiting for one day a year to sew on them!  

Next I'll start on the handcranks and electrics (motorized machines).  Until then, happy stitching whether by hand, treadle, handcrank or plastic wonder!!  Just sew!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

String Piecing Geese Update

"X" marks the spot!
Okay, all is going well with cutting my geese units out.  I spent a scheduled sewing day with my VGF (very good friend) to cut in her upstairs studio.  This was an 8" x 9.5" piece of free form fabric (left over units).  Yes, I saved the "X" -- my VGF just smiled.  It is all her fault -- she got me into this Quiltville scrappy business!!  

Telephone book pages measure 6.5" x 9.75"
If I place the EZ Companion Angle on the 6.5" side the dog ears will already be trimmed off!  Cool!

Once I figured I could cut four geese units from each of the 140 already completed string pieced telephone pages, I did the math! I have enough geese units to make this quilt SIX times!!  Silly girl goose . . . I was thinking one goose per page before I measured.  Oh well life goes on.

Funny shapes left from pages after I fussy cut my geese units
To add more variety, I started fussy cutting from the telephone book pages.  Stay tuned for more goosey fun!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Flying Geese Quilt - String Piecing

Weren't you JUST delighted when you checked Bonnie's blog Sunday to see her
Christmas gift to us?  How to replicate that delightful string pieced flying geese
quilt she found at a local antique mall one recent rainy day!!

See Bonnie's original post . . .  My original post can be found HERE.  (just in case)

Click HERE for printer friendly version!

I have had an inbox FULL of requests for sizes and details of how I am recreating the fabulous string pieced flying geese quilt I found a couple weeks ago.

My original post can be found HERE.

I know I know I know!  I can’t leave this quilt alone either, and I’ve been madly piecing geese units since bringing it home---

Okay, so with Step 4 of Easy Street completed and a half hour before QuiltCam on Sunday -- I checked her blog and found the instructions for it.  Wonderful!!  Just like she said on QuiltCam, it is a "MAKE ME NOW" quilt!!  Okay . . . no problem.  Why?  Because I use the Scrap User's System developed by Bonnie.

Quick run upstairs to the stash to pull the "shrimp pink" and "honeydew melon green" fabric.
Guess what?  I already have the string piecing done!!!!  How did I do this?

140 pages of string piecing ready to go -- just need 28 more!!

Started out with the small local phone book that hit my doorstep January 2012.  Determined to use up my strings drawer (and keep it contained to one drawer)  I would piece anywhere from 1 - 10 pages in the evenings after dinner. Either in between projects or just to do some mindless sewing. I had 140 pages done by November and ready for cutting.  Except, I had not found a pattern yet.  I JUST KNEW I would know the project for these when I saw it . . . AND I saw it Sunday on Bonnie's blog!!

I cut on the kitchen counter that is why you see bananas!

During QuiltCam I cut the shrimp pink wing units  (1997 Patrick Loose Moda from selvedge) and cut a couple of string pieced geese units to see what they would look like.  I LIKE them A LOT!!   So after QuiltCam I sat down to piece the remaining 28 pages and also try free-form piecing like Bonnie was doing for her geese units on QuiltCam.  

She was right . . . "it is messy to string piece" because they are everywhere!!  Can we say fabric explosion??!!  They are draped over my legs (left for dark, right for light), cover every surface close at hand, even pulled out my drawer and put the solid insert to cover my thread to have more space to layout.  

This morning I'm taking a half hour to cut more geese units using the Companion Angle.  Here is what is left of a free-form piece after cutting three geese so far.  I used the 3 1/2" marking line in the center of the ruler. (That orange piece of tape is for the Easy Street flying geese.)   I'll update you on my progress.  I plan to tear the paper off at lunch and sew after dinner.  My goal?  To have the top pieced when she comes to do the 2013 New Year's Mystery at Fabric Fanatics in Plano.  What a way to start the year!!

What are you doing with your strings?  I wanna see . . . 

Step 4 Easy Street

Yay!  Step 4 of Easy Street is done!!
I've been amazed while looking at other blogger's sites how they are keeping track of the number of pieces and trying to guess the layout based on the number of pieces.  I'm not at that level yet;  I just keep plugging along.

Can't wait for Step 5.  How are you doing?  Yep, I had to 'sliver trim' my geese too.  Brooklyn Revolver cutting mat is very helpful for that part of the process.

P.S.  Word Verification is now OFF!!!!!